Prototype Hunter Stallion Oldenburg Holsteiner Warmblood

Brookson Farm

5790 Russell Rd, Ottawa On, K0A 1K0

Collection Days
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

2018 Breeding Season & Show Season
The 2018 breeding season will begin April 9th when Prototype returns from showing in Wellington. Prototype will be horse showing most weekends and thus not available on Fridays for the 2018 season.

Collections will take place on Thursdays in lieu of Fridays.

Semen Request Form

Semen will be shipped from Ottawa, Ontario. Request for semen shipment needs to be made by 6pm. EST via email to using this semen request form the day BEFORE semen is collected and shipped. Semen will be shipped by Fed Ex and delivered the following day by 5:00 pm. If same day service is required, the semen will be shipped using Greyhound depending on destination and a $50 courier fee will apply. Same day service from Ottawa via Greyhound may not be available to all terminals. We collect and ship semen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. Rush orders that are made after 6:00 pm may be charged a Rush Fee. Request for collections on Tuesday or Thursdays may be filled if staff is available and in that case a Rush Fee will be charged. We are shipping two doses of semen unless there are multiple requests on the same day in which case only one dose will be sent. If more requests for semen are being received than semen can be shipped, requests will be filled in order they are received. We will attempt to fill last minute semen orders.

Mare Owner warrants that said Mare is ready to order semen as determined by a qualified veterinarian. Mare Owner agrees that Mare will be bred by Veterinarian or technician with considerable experience in A.I. who has access to a veterinary ultrasound machine.

No semen will be shipped unless payment in full has been received! This applies to repeat shipments as well.

Canadian Clients: Please make your cheque payable to Brookson Farm. If you wish to pay via email transfer, please send transfer payment to HST is applicable to all services.

US Clients: Please pay via Paypal ( to

Payment for repeat services
Semen will only be shipped on repeat shipments if stallion owner has received payment for a collection in the amount of $175. The collection fee includes $40 for a disposable shipping container.

Those that do not have a current FedEx account must pay in advance of shipment a deposit of $200 to use the farm account or to ship via Greyhound. The balance is refundable at the end of the breeding season or after a confirmed pregnancy.

2018 Fees

        • $175.00 per collection (first collection included)
        • $40.00 Disposable Shipping Container (included in collection fee)
        • $200.00 Shipping Deposit (if you are not supplying a FedEx account number)
        • $150.00 Rush Collection (If applicable)
        • $50 Courier to Airport (If applicable)

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